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Songs my Mother taught me
Daniel Washington

Daniel Washington, baritone

David Aronson, piano

Spirituals are folk songs that tell a biblical story. When we listen to ragtime, blues, soul, gospel, rock and roll, and even rap music, it is clear that the spiritual, with its melody, rhythm, and chanting, provided the foundation for these diverse popular styles. They originated in the cotton and cornfields of southern plantations as slaves, snatched from their native Africa and brought to North America, were forced to abandon their own culture. Unable to read or write, they created songs to communicate secretly with each other, and as a way of expressing different emotions: joy, happiness, love, and suffering. Music helped these noble people, suffering in bondage, to believe that eventually everyone would be free and be rewarded with a heavenly life without pain and hatred.

I first experienced many of the spirituals on this CD through the singing of my mother, Lucy Washington. She had a beautiful soprano voice and loved to share her faith giving the gift of music. She never failed to inspire others with her singing. It is that memory that burns in me and gives me the desire to share these songs with you.

This CD is dedicated to the memory of those who mentored and loved me throughout my life: my mother Lucy Washington, Robert Gray, professor, opera director, and friend, and Marc Belfort, former director of the International Opera Studio Zurich. I will always love and appreciate them for all that they invested in me. Though they are no longer with us I feel their spirits and energy, and I carry their treasured legacies in my heart.

Daniel Washington

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Daniel Washington is available for purchase from the iTunes Music Store. Previews of all selections are also available in the BlockM Records catalog