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  BWV 562
Title   Fantasia et Fuga in c / Fantasia and Fugue in C Minor
Subtitle   Fugue incomplete
  1. Fantasia
  2. Fuga (fragment)
Venue   1724-30 Trost organ, Stadtkirche, Waltershausen, Germany
Registration   Fantasia (based on the “grands jeux”):
HW: Por16, Pr8, Por8, Oct4, Oct2, Sesq, Tr8
Ped: Pr16, Sub16, Oct8, Oct4, Pos16

Fugue (based on Grigny’s “fugue à 5” registration):
rh: HW: Por8, Rfl4, Oct2, Sesq
lh: BW: Ged8, Nacht8, Haut8
Ped: Sub16, Oct8, Oct4
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