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Librettist Michael Rodemer & Composer Stephen Rush - ¡¡¡Stop Blaming Columbus!!! [BMR 010]

Suzanne Klock, soprano (La Madre, Queen Isabella)  
Colleen Stano, alto (Young Lover) 
Shannan Whitehead, alto (Desaparacida, Espiritu de Esperanza) 
Greg Wakefield, tenor (Cantinero, Christopher Columbus) 
Elliot Marshall, baritone (Drunken Tourist, Truck Driver, Bartolomeo de las Casas) 
Arthur Joslin, baritone (Drunken Tourist, General William Shafter) 
Rico Serbo, tenor (Archbishop Oscar Romero) 

Act I - Act II

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Audio Previews


Act I - Scene 1 Cantina al Fin del Mundo. The Bar at the End of the World is a male paradise
of beer, brotherhood, and song, where everyone shows up, odd things happen, and time is mixed up.
A Mexican Waltz.
    01. Prologue - [03:08]
    02. La Cantina - [04:03]
      Act I - Scene 2 La Madre. The Mother laments the death of her child, killed by a truck.
A Brazilian Chorro.
  03. La Madre - [05:09]
      Act I - Scene 3 Amantes Jovenes. Young lovers flirt, skirmish, tease in the marketplace.
A Salsa Merengue.
  04. Los Amores - [03:32]
      Act I - Scene 4 Buscando. Searching – a “disappeared” woman, la Desaparecida, seeks her husband,
who has also disappeared after being abducted and imprisoned by the government.
A Dirge.

  05. Desaparecida - [3:28]
      Act I - Scene 5 Dos Gringos. A couple of foreign tourists in the bar explore conscience and beer.
A Funk tune.
  06. Dos Gringos - [04:08]
      Act I - Scene 6 Las Mujeres en la Cantina. Women come into the bar – the Young Girl, the Desaparecida,
and the Madre – storming the male bastion, demanding that the men accept responsibility for themselves.
A Salsa Merengue.
  07. Las Mujeres en la Cantina - [02:39]
      Act I - Scene 7 La Noche oscurissima del Alma. The intensely dark night of a soul brings forth a confession
touching on many wrongs. The priest is moved to the root of his soul.
A Bossa Nova.
  08. La Noche - [09:11]

Act I - Act II