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Librettist Michael Rodemer & Composer Stephen Rush - ¡¡¡Stop Blaming Columbus!!! [BMR 010]

Suzanne Klock, soprano (La Madre, Queen Isabella)  
Colleen Stano, alto (Young Lover) 
Shannan Whitehead, alto (Desaparacida, Espiritu de Esperanza) 
Greg Wakefield, tenor (Cantinero, Christopher Columbus) 
Elliot Marshall, baritone (Drunken Tourist, Truck Driver, Bartolomeo de las Casas) 
Arthur Joslin, baritone (Drunken Tourist, General William Shafter) 
Rico Serbo, tenor (Archbishop Oscar Romero) 

Act I - Act II

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Audio Previews


Act II - Scene 1 Consuelo. Consolation and confrontation in the bar. A Tango.
  09. Consuelo - [10:07]
      Act II - Scene 2 El Borracho lagrimoso. A tearful drunk bowled over by music and dance.
An Habañero Tango.
  10. Borracho lagrimoso - [03:23]
      Act II - Scene 3 Muerte de la Esperanza. The death of Hope. A child is carried to the grave,
and yet, Hope must not die.
A mournful Chorro, followed by Reggae.
  11. Muerte de la Esperanza - [02:24]
      Act II - Scene 4 Justicia. Ambassadors, generals, Presidents, monks, dictators, and kings appear
as witnesses in the search for justice — until finally, Christopher Columbus is called.
A Beethovenian Salsa!
    12. Espiritu - [03:00]
  13. Justicia - [20:23]
      Act II - Epilogue Hombres sinceros. Honest people sing of their insights and yearnings.
A Rhumba.
  14. Guantanamera - [6:51]

Act I - Act II